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Returns & Exchanges

At Lefarc Shop we want our customers to feel 100% satisfied with the products they are purchasing.

One of the distinguishing features of premium level hides is the marks. It’s important to remember that leather is a natural product, so any small marks or scratches are completely normal and have no effect whatsoever on their performance.

1.- There may be slight variations in tone between one order and the next.

2.- There might be some natural marks on the neck.

3.- In some cases hides might have iron branding.

4.- There might be some natural marks that were acquired during the life of the animal, such as; insect bites, scars, stretch marks, scratches, etc.

5.- It may have some holes due to mechanical drying, tanning process or to undertake our laboratory tests.

6.- There may be a variation in size, because our products are of animal origin.

7.- Catalog prices are subject to change without prior notice.


We will not accept any product returns that come with the following characteristics.

-Chopped up

-Painted or Scratched 

-Manipulated in some way

-Out of its original packaging

-Damaged by shipping and transportation.


To authorize a change, the client must pay for the return shipment to our company, where afterwards our technical team will review the article and the requested return will be evaluated.

* If the change is requested by mistake from LEFARC, the shipping cost is covered by the company.


By accepting and paying for any of our products, the costumer is accepting our terms and conditions.

- Any change is valid for 7 calendar days from the date of delivery to the customer.

- Reach our Customer Service team by email at or by phone from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm CT Monday-Friday at +52 1 477 347 6122.


Share this information:

  • Reference number
  • Return motive
  • Picture of the product


If LEFARC considers that the product has been abused, damaged or altered by the customer, the return will be denied.

- Returns or exchanges do not apply on articles with discount.