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Agreste - Mosto
Alamo - Savanne
Barcelona - Viadora, Naranja, Aqua
Camuflaje - Green
Britania - Navy
Cascabel - Hueso Negro
Cimarron - Cognac
Cordoba - Café, Negro, Miel
Cougar - Cherry, Chocolate, Miel
Dogon - Negro, Brandy
Everest - Whiskey, Cuoio, Testa di Moro, Negro
Hannover - Tiramisu, Negro, Cooper
Harlem WP - Tabaco, Sand, Negro, Espresso
Hunting 10 - Arenal
Iguana - Vino, Negro
Liverpool - Oak
Loco Horse - Gaucho
Murdock - Gris
Napa Harvard - Café
Pandora - Moka, Lavanda
Paris - Mosto, Olivo
Rage - Mosto, Whiskey
Riviera - Cuoio, Cognac, Whiskey, Musgo
Samurai - Whiskey, Cuoio
Softhorse - Butter, Cooper, Tawny, Tiramisu, Honey, Forest, Satin
Sortilegio - Whiskey, Negro, Mosto, Zucca
Tapicería automotriz - Todos los colores
Tasmania - Nude
Veranda - Jazzy
Zalea - Blanco

*Items that are not shown on this list, will be available for all 2023.
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